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Made In California

Posted by Clarice Weatherford on
Made In California

Golden Bear, the other San Francisco company in the Made In California project, is one of the US’s most celebrated brands. It has been making jackets in the city for 95 years, starting off with heavy-duty leather jackets for the longshoreman on the docks of the Bay carrying cargo on their backs. These days, Golden Bear is better known for its iconic varsity and letterman jackets, Harringtons and bombers, which it makes in collaboration with many of the world’s top fashion houses.

“It’s still a family-owned company, with everything designed and handmade in San Francisco. This introductory capsule is based around two types of varsity jacket – one version using Loro Piana wool for the body with leather sleeves, which is very luxe, and then a lighter, brighter more seasonally appropriate version in cotton poplin. To that we added some classic but colourful Harrington jackets, which are timeless.”

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