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What to Buy from Mr Porter's Massive Californa-Inspired Capsule Collection

Posted by Clarice Weatherford on
What to Buy from Mr Porter's Massive Californa-Inspired Capsule Collection

It's no secret that Los Angeles has become a destination for industries beyond those that churn out entertainment properties. Don't tell New York, but when it comes to matters of art and food and drink and — you guessed it — style, well, the west coast capitol no longer playing second fiddle to NYC. (Not that it's a competition or anything ... but it totally is).

The folks over at Mr Porter are well aware of LA's cultural ascendancy, and have long stocked brands that reflect the city's laid-back charm and earthy flavor. From The Elder Statesman's slouchy and luxe knits to Stüssy's skater-inspired gear to elevated basics from James Perse to swaggy streetwear from John Elliott, the British online retail destination has long been aware of Cali's enduring influence on the fashion world. But today, they're doubling down with the release of a Made in California capsule, a massive undertaking that consists of 146 exclusive items from 12 local brands, including four new additions: Amiri, Second/Layer, Noon Goons and Golden Bear.

"California in itself feels like a broader trend right now, not just within fashion but within lifestyle as a whole," says Mr buying manager Sam Lobban.

"I wanted this capsule to be very focused and concentrated on things that I would consider California essentials," says designer Mike Amiri of the brand Amiri. For him, the best representation of that is a leather biker jacket decorated with crystal palm tree embellishments that will cost a staggering $15K. "The jacket is a testament to the high level of execution capable when making luxury pieces in Los Angeles. It's constructed from fine Italian calfskin and undergoes a surgical type process consisting of hand screen painting and individual set Swarovski crystals," he says. "The jacket visits five different factories all in the Los Angeles area before it’s completion as an ultimate rock star essential."

Check out the full GQ article below!

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